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In 1987, Libra, an electro-steel company in the Carbomil group, was created to produce Ferrosilicon 75%,formed by mixing 2 minerals, quartz and hematite (iron ore) in a submerged arc furnace.
Nowadays, Libra is also producing ferroalloys and inoculants and is constantly expanding its markets, both nationally and internationally, in the segment of rawmaterials for industries, contributing for the regional development and growth.
Ferrosilicon and its alloys areessential and widely usedrawmaterial for the industries of steel and cast iron and they are used as an important deoxidizing material. Besides, it is used as a bud or sprout in the moulding industry.
With quality assured by its ISO 9001:2015 certificate, Libra is committed with its clients and, being an energy-intensive activity, to constantly improving its operations in order to save energy and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all of this with minimal impact on natural resources.


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Libra Ligas Project of Environmental Education··································································

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-08 at 10.08.37 (1)Libra Ligas fulfills the obligations with the questions of sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility, executes in partnership with the municipality of Banabuiú, through the Secretary of Education, an Environmental Education Project in the Primary and Secondary Schools I and II.
Knowing the importance of a good education of children and young people within the school environment, we can see the importance of the existence of the Project Libra Ligas de Educa̤̣o Ambiental РPLLEA in the Schools of the municipality of Banabui̼ РCE, actions are directed toward students of early childhood education , elementary school I and Elementary School II, encompassing the 14 (fourteen) schools of the Municipality.
With the intention of the interaction between employees, community and students. it is observed the importance of such initiative, considering that Environmental Planning is a study that aims at the adequacy of the use, control and protection of the environment, providing a better quality of life and actions aimed at this improvement.