Ferrosilicon Calcium Barium


Ferrosilicon Calcium Barium is a Ferrosilicon alloy with controlled calcium and barium contents. It has been proven that the combined action of calcium and barium present in the inoculant have a powerful nucleation effect.

Ferrosilicon Calcium Barium Lanthanum


In Grey Cast Iron, Ferrosilicon Calcium Barium Lanthanum (FeSiCaBaLa) has the action of deoxidizer and nodulariser. The cast nucleation is favorable due to Lanthanum inclusions combined with calcium or aluminum. In Nodular Cast Iron, adding FeSiCaBaLa favors the increase of the nodules due to localized nucleation.

Ferrosilicon Calcium Aluminium


Ferrosilicon Calcium Aluminum is a ferrosilicon alloy with controlled contents of calcium and aluminum. It is used as an inoculant for grey or nodular cast iron. In its generic use has a graphitic and desulphurizing effect. It reduces chilling much more efficiently than FeSi STD.